“Horace Heidt for Alemite”  1938

Horace Heidt for Alemite was a 1938 radio show sponsored by Stewart-Warner Motor Oil Products and recorded live at Radio City Music Hall in New York.  Horace’s band was called “The Alemite Brigadiers”, which included electric guitar innovator, Alvino Rey and vocal group The King Sisters.

“Answers by the Dancers” 1932

It happened at the Drake Hotel, Chicago, in 1932. A microphone from the bandstand fell to the floor. To cover the embarrassing moment Heidt jumped down off the bandstand, picked up the mike and started to converse with some people as to what kind of time they were having, for whom they worked, where they lived, and what song they would like to hear played next. These were the days in Radio when ad-libbing was unheard of. All scripts must be censored and cleared. It was an accident, but it started a whole new trend in Radio. An hour show was arranged of “Answers by the Dancers” from the Drake Hotel. It was the first informal interview dance program. Dozens of other similar programs followed suit.

“Pot O Gold” 1938

Heidt and his organization were playing at the Gibson Hotel in Cincinnati. The year was 1938. Unfortunately business was bad so they were unceremoniously fired. As Heidt left the hotel a newsboy said, “Mr. Heidt, I have an idea for you. Why don’t you give money away on the Radio? Everybody would come in”. This was the opening remark which led to the famous Pot Of Gold program, which was the first give-away program and another trend in Radio. Collaborating with two boys in Cincinnati, the Pot Of Gold was originated. The program swept the nation.

Tum’s Treasure Chest”  1934

From the anniversary program came the show, which included an actual marriage, and we had couples celebrating their Copper, Pearl, Ruby, and Golden anniversaries. Instead of the loser walking the plank the winner reached into The Golden Treasure Chest. This was the first program where valuable gifts were given to people such as weekly vacations in hotels, airplane trips, and beautiful luggage. The Treasure Chest became the Hope Chest.