Introducing Big Band Star-Maker

After ten years of extensive research, there is finally a book that tells the complete story of an American Show Big Band, HORACE HEIDT: BIG BAND STAR-MAKER. Besides containing a CD of eight decades of music performed by one of the most popular show bands of all time, the book also contains a DVD of scenes from a 1930 Vitaphone short, the Pot O’ Gold movie and The Original Youth Opportunity Program TV shows. There are over 400 pictures of Theatres, Sheet Music, Bands and Stars. HORACE HEIDT: BIG BAND STAR-MAKER should be on the coffee table of every lover of Big Band music who is interested in the history of American music! The book will soon be available on our website, In the meantime, those of you who wish to be the first to purchase HORACE HEIDT: BIG BAND STAR-MAKER.